GUIDE Cons. Ltd (Group for Unified Infrastructures Development Engineering) was established in 2015 with the aim to provide engineering services to public or private bodies for infrastructure projects. GUIDE Cons. Ltd has no affiliations, economic or otherwise, with the public sector or other companies. Consultant impartiality and financial independence allows for reliable, client-tailored services, that meet the highest engineering, quality and ethical standards.

With involvement in some of the largest development projects of Greece and the neighbouring countries, (Balkans, Cyprus) GUIDE Cons Ltd ranks today among the leading engineering consulting companies of the country.

GUIDE Cons. is a consulting firm, founded in 2016 as a limited partnerships company. The head office is located in 67 WESTOW STREET, UPPER NORWOOD, LONDON, SE19 3RW, and the Greek General Directorate is located in Athens, 2 Skilitsi str, 11473 Athens – Greece, Tel: (+30) 6942 698009.

GUIDE Cons Ltd is a leading company, having a staff of highly skilled scientists and engineers whose expertise cover a wide body of designer certificate categories.

GUIDE CONS. Ltd is incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 to Companies House of England and Wales Company Number  10169414.