GuideCons was founded in 2010 and has a dynamic presence in the construction industry and in the field of technical works.

The main companys’ capital is its human resources. Executives with many years of experience in the field, certified engineers in project management and permanent teams of technicians of all specialties, compose a robust and at the same time flexible team capable of responding to any modern technical challenge. The purpose of the company is to consolidate its position in the field of technical works in Greece, providing comprehensive support to the projects it undertakes, in order to ensure at every stage of construction:

Our mentality

Our success in delivering our products and services will be appreciated both by the customer’s opinion and by ours, while the effort to adjust and improve our performance to comply with customer requirements will be continuous. The philosophy behind the delivery of our products and services is achieved through certain procedures and methods.

We Think

Achieving High Quality, consolidating Environmental Awareness, ensuring Occupational Health and Safety is the responsibility of everyone in the company and the continuous improvement of Products and Services as well as the image of the company is the result of the daily actions of each member.

We care for our people

Health and safety.

Implementation of all rules and procedures provided by the legislation for health and safety of the work and the protection of the environment.

Customer opinion

Client Satisfaction.

Development of direct and flexible communication with our customers in order to identify their different needs and expectations and focus on their satisfaction.


stuff Training


Continuous information and training of all involved staff and partners on corporate policy and legislation.

Our stats.

What we have accomplished so far


What we do.

We provide best services for every one of our clients, assuring that every step is taken under serious consideration.  We are fully commited to our project and we provide every possible solution in every step of the way.

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